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The bathroom is such an important part of your home, and its style and functionality should reflect your lifestyle, taste and needs. Ideally, you want it to be functional, relaxing and beautiful. Sadly, the bathroom you may have loved a few years back, might now be outdated, too small, or just not right for you and your family anymore. Renovating can revamp this vital room, so you’re using the space in the most optimal, pleasing way. You can update your look, and also plan better storage, space and overall experience. Bathroom renovations can quickly become complex. This is where Construction Syme Prestige comes in. We’ve done many such projects, and we know where, how and why to adjust, so the outcome is both functional and stunning.

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The Construction Syme Prestige team is meticulous and highly professional for all its turnkey projects. From the initial inspection to final touches, we work hand in hand to make sure everything is detailed, that you understand what’s happening and that the outcome is aligned with your expectations. From plumbing to ventilation, toilet installation and more, strict industry standards are respected and design is always at the forefront. A layout can be prepared in order to validate vanity and cabinet positioning, paint, and any other element you want to make sure is just right. Need inspiration? An interior decorator can help in terms of recommending what would best work for your taste and lifestyle.